Winner of an

Ian Outstanding Book of the Year Award

and a #1 Best Seller on Amazon!

Love, a Tiara, and a Cupcake:
Three Secrets to Finding Happy


How do you hold on to hope in the midst of despair?

The answer is simple! All you need is love, a tiara, and a cupcake. Using these three festive metaphors, this book offers heart-warming meditations on finding your purpose (love), claiming your worth (a tiara), and holding onto your joy (a cupcake) — tools that can get you through the worst of times. Join Rev. Susan Sparks, ordained minister, comedian, and cancer survivor, as we welcome joy into our lives no matter what the circumstances.


A pastor and comedian who quotes the Bible, along with stories of Elvis, pimento cheese, and Kmart, Susan Sparks is like a hilarious friend who teaches you valuable life lessons while you’re too busy smiling to notice. With humor and grace, Susan unlocks the key to finding happiness in the little things, and tells you why love, a tiara, and a cupcake are all you need to spark joy in your life.

– Tracy Beckerman, Syndicated Columnist and Author, “Lost in Suburbia: A Momoir”